Basic Filmmaking equipment

your starter guide to film making world..

Everyone can admit that with today’s technology shooting a movie became easier than it ever was. Smart phones made a huge progress and difference to the field, well I mean we depend on our phones entirely to take a picture or video for our moments.

Not only that, the technology made it to be an independent film maker, with a couple of gear and a good software everyone can make a video and even a movie .! which is pretty exciting.

Well, if you are a new film maker /or a film maker to be .. I think you have reached the place.

In this post we will be listing the basic filmmaking equipment for you as a new film maker to have. As a starter, you won’t need much or you may not have the enough money to have everything. Therefore, this post will guide you to the best and most essential gear that you will need in this Journey.


Starting as a film maker, you need to upgrade your level and shift from using the iphone to an actual camera. The question of which camera to get depends on the budget and your needs.

DSLR cameras are good for starting, they are considered affordable which is good because we don’t want you to spend your budget only on a camera.

These cameras enjoy different features; it has a beautiful image quality since it has bigger sensors which are combined with sharp optics.

DSLR Viewfinder

The DSLR Viewfinder is a great tool that is used to magnify the “ live view “ of the camera. It is good to have since it will help you to view the quality of the image and the focus.

Rode Videomic

Well, a good picture is not enough you need to combine it with the best audio. This is an essential piece to have, the Rode mic plugs directly on the camera.


It is one of the essential pieces that you need to have, a tripod will help you to stabilize the image and keep the movie steady. There are different types and brands for it that will be specified later on; however you need a tripod with a fluid head in order to have a smoothie free movement.


Having a camera light can also save we and make the footage much better. you might end up shooting in a low light places where you can always use your precious lighting accessory which is attached to the camera.

Light reflector

If you are shooting documentaries, a reflector will always improve the way your video looking. It is an essential piece to make your shooting looks live and professional.


It is not enough to have a good microphone, you also need to have headphones in order to be able to check and monitor your audio. If you do not have a headphone yet, you need to consider getting a good one.

Editing software

After the shooting is done, you need to complete the creative process by moving on to the postproduction process to finish up your film. There are different software out there; all what you need to do is find the one that you are comfortable with. You can use Imovie for simple editing, but for more complex editing we would recommend Final cut pro x (if you are a mac user) or Adobe Premier Pro.

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Well, that’s not everything but these are the essential things you need to know as a starter. Our upcoming articles will shed the lights into different topics.

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