Best Ring light for makeup tutorial and YouTube video

You probably have watched a ton of YouTube videos and makeup tutorial and wondered about why on earth the footage looks so good! The answer is easy; it is all about the lighting.

Lighting is a very important factor to get a good video footage. It just makes everything pop up in a very nice shade of colors and makes everyone who watches your videos amazed. While there are different types of lighting, in this post we will focus on the ring light. We will be comparing different types of ring light and show you why you need to get on if you are on the YouTube show business or even if you are a makeup artist. Here is our Best Ring light for makeup tutorial and YouTube vloggers post. So, let’s begin.

What is a ring light

This term might be new to you if you just started making videos. A ring light is simply a lighting tool that is used for beauty shots, micro and portrait photography and video making as well.
From its name, the ring light is made from small bulbs or one fluorescent bulb forming a circle or a “ring”. If you are shooting videos for youtube, it is a great asset to add to your gear. Why you’ll ask; because the ring light produces an equal amount of light that gets distributed evenly on the targeted object. Therefore, it makes the camera shoot very clear and sharp video footages as it eliminates the unwanted shadows.

How to choose a ring light .. ?

Choosing the best ring light depends on many factors:

The purpose of your photography:

  • What are you going to shoot, there are different lights out there and each is better at one aspect than the other.
  • Your own taste and preference: Do you like to have bright footages or if you like to have a higher range of dimmability
  • Compatibility with camera and equipment: what other gear do you have ? you will need to learn more about the compatibility
  • Diameter range needed; usually, fashion photographers prefer wider ranges as it gives them a softened shadow.

How to use a ring light

The ring light is easy to use. Whether you are using a professional camera or your iPhone, you just need to place the ring light in front of your camera. Then, position your camera right in the center so you get even distribution of light on the object you are shooting. And you can always be creative and move it around and see what kind of results you are getting.

Best Ring light stand for makeup tutorial and YouTube vloggers

There are different types of a ring light, each has its own use or in another word ” excel ” in one aspect or another. After doing our research, we came up with a list of ring light that is best used for shooting makeup tutorials, Youtube video, and vlogging. If you are looking into getting in one of these fields, it will be a waste of time and effort if you didn’t get good lighting gear to improve the quality of your footage. So, here is the list of Best ring light.


Halo Ring light


Prismatic 18″ Halo Ring Light

This one right here is a youtuber’s favorite. This is a fluorescent base ring light, with an 18’’ in diameter. It has been designed to provide a daylight balance lighting for both photos and videos. This has been marked as a favorite for a lot of beauty vloggers and makeup artists. And the reasons behind that is because it helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles or blemishes and creates a catch light in the eyes. The Halo ring light is dimmable, which means it allows you to reduce its power if a lower light is needed. Also, it has diffusion plates which diffuse and softens the light on the object and eliminates harsh shadows.

18” Prismatic Halo ring light


• 80 -100 % dimmable
• 18” Prismatic Halo ring light
• diffusion plates
• 5400K Daylight Bulb
• 110-120VAC
• Includes Hot shoe Camera Mount
• Easy to set up and adjusted in a different environment
• Included Storage Case


Issues with the cord.

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Diva Ring Light Super Nova 18″ Dimmable Ring Light


This ring light is being labeled as “ a beauty light, which makes it a good choice for makeup artists and beauty blogger who looks for the quality of an image. This ring light is an18” circular aluminum body with a 5500K (Daylight) bulb included. This ring light dims to 20% of its full power which allows for softer light options. The diva ring light super nova Includes mounting bracket for cameras on tripods and gooseneck for flexible mounting. For makeup artist and beauty blogger, this light is worth the investment. This light helps in eliminating skin imperfection and makes the color of the makeup pops out. It is very easy to set up and use.


• 18” ring diameter
• diffusion cloth
• dimmable ( 20-100% )
• light stand gooseneck
• tripod z bracket
• 5500k fluorescent bulb


Some people found the light very big and not easy to carry around

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Neewer 10086031 Dimmable 18-Inch Diameter


This ring light is perfect indoor and outdoor light for both photo and video. The Neewer ring light is an 18” diameter with a 75w dimmable fluorescent. This light is recommended to be used for portrait, fashion, wedding art, advertisement photography and shooting Youtube videos. It comes with white and orange color filters and has steady color temperature and low loss.


• 18” diameter Ring Fluorescent light
• white and orange color filter
• Hot Shoe Adapter
• 59 inches/150 centimeters light stand
• Soft Tub
• Extra long cord and heavy duty thumb screws


Poor package.

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EACHSHOT ES240 Ring Light


The EACHSHOT ES240 ring light is an 18″ LED SMD Ring Light with a wide dimming range from 1%-100%. This light can be used for both indoor and outdoor photo lighting, its LED ring lights make it perfect to mimic daylight in an indoor setting. The ES240 Light Kit Includes; Light, Stand, Phone holder ( which makes it a good option if you are looking for a ring light for iPhone), Tripod Head. The ring light comes with a plastic color filter set both orange and white.


• Dimmable 18″ LED SMD Ring Light
• lightweight and portable
• NO ultraviolet and infrared light radiation
• A long service life of more than 50000hrs.
• Extra Long Cord
• Heavy Duty Thumb Screws.


Poor and misleading package.

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Selfie and phone light – Best Minnie ring light for iPhone

If you are not looking to buy expensive gear right now, and you are aiming to enhance the quality of your Instagram photos, you can do so . Here is a few products that can be attached to your phone to help you get the lighting perfect. These lighting attachments will definitely enhance the quality of your Instagram picture.

QIAYA Selfie Ring Light for Phone Camera Photography Video, BatteryPowered Clip White


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Wellerly iPhone XS Case, iPhone X Case, LED Illuminated Selfie Light Cell Phone Case Cover



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B-Land Cell Phone Holder with Selfie Ring Light for Live Stream, Flexible Mobile Phone Clip Holder 



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