DSLR VS Camcorder : which one to get

DSLR VS Camcorder: which one to get


If you are starting a new career or a hobby as a filmmaker, this is probably one of the very first questions that you will have in your mind; which camera to get. Well, the camera is the basic equipment in filmmaking, and you are probably going to spend some cash and invest in it. Therefore, at least you want to make sure you made the right decision.

We tried here to gather what we know and read about what we don’t, to help you in getting the camera that will serve your need the best.First of all, what you need to know is that each and every camera has its own aspects that it excels on. What you need to understand beforehand is why do you want a camera, what kind of shooting do you want to use it for. What is your budget for a camera, and whether or not you will be able to get other gear?



To start off, if you are a beginner, a camcorder would be good for you to start with. It is very easy to use and has automatic functions that you can start with like autofocus and exposure; until you are ready to go deeper and explore all the functions. Not only that, if you are not thinking of getting any audio gear and any visual aids for the time being; camcorders are perfect for you since it has a built-in zoom, ND filters and image stabilizer. Not only the built-in microphone is good, but camcorder also has audio features which are there to enhance the quality if the audio. Also, the quality of the videos is super good especially if you are aiming to shoot a documentary with it since it has the best autofocus features for video. Especially if you are shooting a documentary in fly-on-the-wall style.




When it comes to DSLR, which filmmakers lately are using them to shoot movies with after the DSLR have proven its capabilities. Of course, there are many reasons that attracted them; these cameras produce images with a very good quality. Also, it gives the filmmaker the complete control when it comes to exposure, focus, and aperture. The DSLRs have large sensors than the one in camcorders; which help you in shooting in low light, plus it gives a very shallow depth of field. Also, with DSLRs, you can shoot videos using different lenses; which is a huge benefit of having a DSLRs to change between lenses to give the desired footage. DSLRs are lightweight and easy to hold cameras which make it easier to shoot people everywhere; in the street or in public areas during various events. As we mentioned before, camcorders are good in shooting documentaries, DSLRs are very good to shoot films with cinematic kind of footage.

Well, as you can tell from above, they both are amazing cameras to shoot video with. As we said, it all depends on you and what you need the camera for. Below, we will provide you with an overall comparison just to make it more organized for you to know the differences.

Comparison- DSLR VS Camcorder

  • Footage quality: both have astounding image quality.
    • DSLR: complete control over aperture, shutter speed, focus, ISO, and frame size.
    • Camcorder: The functions can be automated, easier for beginners, have a feature of autofocus when shooting.
  • Sensors: DSLRs have larger sensors than camcorder; shoot in low light, depth of field
  • Interchangeable Lenses :
    • DSLR: have the possibility to change between lenses
    • Camcorder: does not have the possibility to change lenses.
  • Audio:
    • DSLR: the built-in mic is not that good; need an extra mic
    • Camcorder: built-in mic is very good and it has different audio features.

In the end, you need to seize your needs and budget in order to get the camera that is perfect for you. And remember; filmmaking is not only about the gear.



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