Sirui T-025X Tripod review

 Sirui T-025X Tripod : A light and small tripod perfect for travelers

We believe choosing a tripod could be a real trouble; especially if you are looking for one to fit in your backpack. There are great tripods on the market with different sizes and made of different materials and different wights. However, in this post, we will be explaining in details the specifications of the Sirui T-025x Tripod.

The Sirui T-025x is a compact and a stylish tripod with an ease to use especially for travelers filmmakers who need a small and light tripod to have on the way. The T-025x is made of carbon fiber, which makes it lighter compared to other tripods made of aluminum. The carbon fiber has a lot of features other than being light weighted. It also can support heavy loads and it is resistant to change of temperatures. The sirui T-025x is made out of eight layers of carbon fiber, which makes it a very good quality tripod.

Sirui T-025X Tripod

Features and specification

  • Made of Carbon Fiber
  • It weights for 0.8 kg (with the C-10 head))
  • Has a Maximum load capacity of 6 kg
  • Height
    • Max height: 1391 mm
    • Min height: 260

So, the sirui T-025x tripod is great for travelers and backpackers due to its lightweight. As we mentioned the t-025x from sirui weight around 0.8 kg, which makes it the lightest and the smallest tripod out there. There are plenty of small tripods, but what makes sirui T-025x special is that it is small, light and made of carbon fiber. The tripod has upward-folding legs, which folded down to 11.8” (30 cm).

The T-025x is a five sections kind of tripod, with a maximum leg diameter of 22 mm and a minimum of 10 mm. The sections are attached to each other with a padded foam covers that make a very comfortable grip. The legs are clamp together with a twist clamps which are cladded in a thick rubber to provide more security to it. It is very easy to use just have to twist the lock and turn it around to set it up.

Sometimes you happened to find the great shot, and deploying your tripod can take a lot of time. Therefore, the people who designed the T-025x made it worth the money by having a twist-locking mechanism on its legs. Which mean you can easily and instantly deploy all the sections at the same time by gripping and twisting all the four rubber rings and releasing them.

The legs can be positioned into three different positions; the 105 degrees, 130 degrees and the 190 degrees. And you can unattached the center column to have a very low angle shooting which is great for macro and table shooting. (notice that the center column can also be extended)

And of course, you can play around and have different angles as each leg in the tripod has its own setup; which means you can have one leg set on a position and another one in other.

Sirui T-025X Tripod

The T-025x tripod comes with a C-10x ball head that weights around 180 g and support 4kg. The ball head is made from an anodized aluminum and it is around 28 diameter. The ball is permanently attached to the head that holds the camera, and it has a camera platform on the top of it. The platform surface measures for around 36×28 mm. And guess what, you can remove the ball head from the tripod if you are packing and need more space, that way it will be more compact.

The C-10x ball head comes with two knobs; the bigger knob is the main tension control knob. It allows you to rotate and tilt the camera easily into a portrait orientation. The smaller knob, allows you to adjust the head and smoothly change the angle of the camera to have panoramas.

The T-025X tripod gives you the choice to use attach your camera directly to the tripod’s center column without the ball head. You can simply twist the plate and unscrew the bolt (which is a reversible bolt) and reverse its position. Can’t get easier. On the bottom of the sirui T-025x, you will notice that there is a key ring. That key ring is used to hook the carabiner clip (that comes with the package) and you can use it to add weight to the tripod to make it more stable and gives a lower center of gravity.

When you look at the feet of the tripod, there are rubber covers at its ends. It is good for making the tripod more stable when shooting. However, these rubber ends are fixed on the legs and can’t be later changed into something else like spikes.
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So.. The sirui T-025x is great for whom?

The sirui T-025x is a great companion for travelers due to its lightweight as explained earlier in the post. The tripod is perfect to use with compact cameras, fixed lens digital camera, CSCs , small DSLRs and also small camcorders. Keeping in mind that you might lose stability with big DSLRs with big lenses. But you can solve it by adding more weight to the tripod.

What are the pros and cons of buying sirui T-025 X?


  • A very lightweight tripod
  • Durability ( since it is made of carbon fiber)
  • Extreme good quality



  • Low maximum height
  • Not very stable with big DSLRs


What is inside the box of the sirui T-025 X?

Inside the box of a sirui T-025 X, you will find

  • Sirui T-025X Carbon Fiber Tripod with C-10X Ball Head
  • Quick-Release Plate
  • Limited 6-Year Warranty
  • Two Allen keys
  • A carabiner clip
  • nylon carrying pouch



Here is a great video to watch about the sirui T-025x


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